Product advantages

  • WC seat made of robust Duroplast
  • Very elegant & flat design
  • High-quality soft-close lid
  • Quickly removable by push button


Flat WC cover Softclose WC seat Replacement cover U2019

BERNSTEIN WC seats offer more than high seating comfort. WC seats can also transform an unassuming bathroom into a place of well-being.

The WC seat offers a high level of seating comfort and impresses with its modern and super-flat design.

High-quality, robust and unbreakable Duroplast instead of thin plastic!

The take-off mechanism makes cleaning much easier. At the push of a button, the toilet seat can be removed easily & quickly.

With lowering mechanism - by lightly tapping, the seat and lid lower automatically without loud banging.

Material High-quality Duroplast
Toilet seat fastening made of stainless steel
Dimensions 464 x 364 x 49 mm (LxWxH)
Colour Glossy white
  Flat design
  Shatterproof and scratch-resistant
  Soft-close function
  Take-off mechanism for easy cleaning
  Mounting distance 180 mm

  • WC cover



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