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Mineral cast (Pure Acrylic)

Our mineral cast washbasins are made of high-quality acrylic resin (also known as PMMA) and aluminium hydroxide (ATH).
They are antibacterial due to the non-porous surface and thanks to the continuous material they are colourfast and very easy to clean.
This form of mineral casting (also known as Pure Acrylic) is tested for heat resistance up to 180° and is also insensitive to large temperature fluctuations, "Term-Shock Resistant".

Mineral cast (Solid Stone)

We speak of Solid Stone mineral casting when the mixture of MMA and calcium oxide is coated with a gel coat. The coating is visually indistinguishable from Pure Acrylic. We only use gel-coat coatings of the highest quality for many years of colour fastness in our production. The Gel-Coat coating is especially required for coloured bathtubs or basins.

Articles made of Pure Acrylic as well as Solid Stone can be produced in matt or glossy. The glossy surface is achieved through intensive polishing, which also explains the higher price.

Sanitary Ceramic

 Washbasins made of sanitary ceramics are very easy to clean and insensitive to scratches or various chemicals.
This is achieved by firing the ceramic at up to 1,300°C, which produces the typical high-gloss, smooth ceramic surface.
Colourants or limescale deposits cannot harm this material. Our ceramic washbasins are antibacterial, extremely durable and heat-resistant.

Cast marble

 Our cast marble washbasins are also easy to clean and durable.
Cast marble is a mixture of natural marble powder, unsaturated polyester resin and colour pigments.
Cast marble washbasins are also coated with a gel coat, comparable to ceramics with a glossy surface.

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