Product information "BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 Shower Toilet with integrated bidet function - white - rimless - japanese WC"

BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 Shower Toilet white - Intelligent shower toilet - complete system

The BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 Shower Toilet offers you a complete installation with a large number of intelligent functions and, thanks to perfect technology, facilitates intimate hygiene. Experience after each use a feeling of fresh and pleasant freshness.This process is also more efficient and healthier than cleaning with toilet paper.

The expandable shower arm made of high quality stainless steel allows you to have hot water immediately and creates a soothing and soft effect. Theself-cleaning antibacterial nozzle has a pulsating and oscillating massaging jet for a pleasant wash. The water temperature and the jet intensity are adjustable. The shower arm is automatically cleaned with fresh water before and after each use. In order not to dirty it, the arm of the hand shower remains behind in the toilet bowl during the use of the toilet.


Optimum hygiene thanks to perfect technology

For your convenience, after the refreshing water rinsing, hot air dryer is at your disposal to eliminate unpleasant humidity. Its temperature is also adjustable. And do not worry about bad smells anymore As soon as you sit down on the toilet seat, the built-in fan automatically trips and diverts odors into the odor filter.

The 180 ° Vortex rinse system provides deep cleaning. Water for rinsing comes from both sides of the toilet bowl without flange and thus reaches all areas. Dirt and limestone are unlikely to become embedded.

The softclose toilet seat closes smoothly and quietly. For perfect hygiene, it is coated with an antimicrobial additive that leaves no chance for germs. Even after many cleaning with detergents, it does not lose its effectiveness.


Comfortable functions

To further increase the comfort of the BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 Shower Toilet, you have a remote control with which you can make all the settings. You can register your user profile according to your personal preferences. It is possible to create two user profiles.

Another highlight of the lavatory is the night light. Soft lighting illuminates the contour of the toilet seat and guides you safely to the toilet.

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Product comparison BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 and shower toilet basic

Here is an overview to help you decide between the BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 and the Dusch-WC Basic.

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Product comparison BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 and shower toilet basic


The health aspect

Another very important aspect in favor of the use of a shower toilet with shower function is not only the wellness theme but also the health theme. In case of disturbances in the intimate area, a washing toilet is the ideal solution. No skin irritation with toilet paper, but a thorough and gentle wash with warm water. In addition, if you are limited in your freedom of movement, a Japanese toilet will give you more independence and security.

As you can see, a toilet is worth its price. It meets the tastes of everyone, regardless of age. Have several times a day the pleasant sensation of a cool shower. The purchase of a Japanese toilet represents an investment for several years.

We recommend that you let run the installation of toilet washing by a specialist. For further information regarding installation and operation and other technical details, please refer to the download instructions below.


Features and specifications

Material toilet bowl: sanitary ware
toilet seat: thermosetting plastic (Duroplast) - antimicrobial
Color white  
Dimensions 384 x 593 x 380 mm (W x D x H)  
Weight about 32 kg net  
Packing dimensions 465 x 660 x 480 mm  
Connection electrical connection required  
Electric tension 240 V, 50/60 Hz  
Illuminant | Efficiency class lampe LED - non interchangeable | G  
Protection sign IPX4  
  shower toilet complete system  
  10-year spare parts availability guarantee  
  bowl with hollow bottom without flange  
  wall-hung toilet  
  antimicrobial toilet seat with soft-close function    
  seat load capacity max.150kg  
  180° - Vortex flushing system  
  shower arm made of stainless steel SUS304  
  self-cleaning and antibacterial shower arm  
  shower nozzle removable for manual cleaning  
  rear shower and lady shower  
  warm air dryer  
  activated carbon filter odor absorber  
  night light function  
  remote control (batteries not included);
two batteries are required (1.5 V, LR03 / AAA)


Technical drawings

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BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 Shower Toilet - Drawing 1 BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 Shower Toilet - Drawing 2



Installation Manuel - I/2018

Operators Manual - III/2021


EU Regulation 874/2012 energy efficiency label

energy efficiency label


Video: Discover more features on the BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 Shower Toilet


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  • at a collection point
  • points of sale that market batteries



Electrical and electronic equipment

Electrical and electronic products should not be thrown away with household waste.

Consumers can return their WEEE to one of the municipal collection points free of charge.


Items included in the delivery

  • BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 Shower Toilet
  • Remote control with stand (without batteries)
  • Activated carbon filter odor absorber
  • Mounting material
  • Installation instructions
  • Manual
  • Without in-Wall system for wall-wc



Pallet shipments are delivered curbside. Please consider that the carrier will call you to fix delivery date/time, so kindly remember to indicate your phone number (landline or mobile phone) when placing your order.

For deliveries to islands, additional charges will apply for sea transport. In order to calculate this charge with precision, your postal code (ZIP Code) will be required.

Colour: White
Flushing rim: rimless
Material: Sanitary acrylic
Toilet Seats: with LED nightlight, with softclose function
Type of installation WC: Wall-hung WC
WC model: Shower Toilets

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Question : Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ist es möglich, bei diesem WC den Ton auszustellen? Das ist einfach viel zu laut, wenn man das WC im angrenzen Badezimmer hat.
From : customer

Guten Tag, vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.
Öffnen Sie den WC-Deckel mitsamt Sitz im 90 Grad Winkel, drücken und drehen Sie den Knopf
gegen den Uhrzeigersinn, um die Tonfunktion zu deaktivieren.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

BERNSTEIN DUSCH-WC PRO+ 1102 Shower Toilet with integrated bidet function - white - rimless - japanese WC

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