Product advantages

  • Elegant design made of aluminium and glass
  • Front cladding made of 8mm thick safety glass (ESG)
  • Self-supporting
  • Incl. cistern with 2-flush system
  • Adjustable flush volume
  • Flush volume adjustable
  • Incl. actuator plate
  • Incl. sound insulation mat
  • Simple installation


In-wall system BERNSTEIN for wall-wc 805 black

If you want to give to your bathroom an exclusive atmosphere, the in-wall system BERNSTEIN 805 with included cistern is the right product for you.

The rapid assembly doesn´t need intervenction on the wall structure, which makes this system absolutely easy to install.

High-quality aluminium frame and tempered glass frontal plate give stability and elegance to the whole structure.

The cistern is conceived with an adjustable amount of water, partial or total rinse, and anti-condensation technology.

The surface is smooth and easy to clean.

Important note : the wall-hung toilet NT2040 ist not compatible with our sanitary module In-wall system 805.

As always BERNSTEIN is a guarantee of quality!

Dimensions 1003,5 x 483 x 108 mm
Frame Aluminum
Fontal plate Tempered glass (ESG) 8mm 
Colour Black
Installation Exterior
Rinse Complete or partial
Flow rate Adjustment of the rinse system:
Flow rate 6 l (rinse volume:  4,8 - 7,4 l)
Flow rate 3 l (rinse volume:  2,4 - 3,5 l)
Water pressure 0,7 - 7,5 Bar
Water temperature 4 - 35° C
Room temperature 3 - 40° C
Classe of protection IPX4
Weigth Net 19,85 kg, gross 21,5 kg
  Lateral water entrance (see image)

  • In-wall system BERNSTEIN 805
  • Flushplate
  • Assembly material
  • Instructions



This product is dispatched by DHL package and takes up to 6-8 working days to reach you. The carrier will try to deliver your package at home. In case you were not in when this happens, a delivery note will be left in your mail box, you can then collect the item at your local post office.

For deliveries to islands, additional charges will apply for sea transport . In order to calculate this charge with precision, your postal code (ZIP Code) will be required.

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