Product information "Matt Black Shower Bar NT127 - optional shower hose / hand shower /shower hose elbow"

Shower Set BERNSTEIN NT127 - superior quality

The BERNSTEIN shower bar NT127 will seduce you with the modern design and the top quality stainless steel. Its simple and linear design is compatible with every bathroom. The bar includes the hand shower holder which is adjustable in height and incline. 

The bar is adjustable in height. Pick your favourite built-in thermostatic mixer and complete your shower set browsing through our online shop BERNSTEIN Badshop. You can select you preferred products among a wide range of compatible items: shower hose, hand shower and shower hose elbow.

As always, BERNSTEIN is guarantee of quality.


Features and details

Material Stainless steel
Total length 80 cm
Bar 4,8 x 2,1 cm (B x P)
Mounting holes gap   78 cm
Weight nett 1,6 kg / gross 2,2 kg
  hand shower holder adjustable in height
  assembly material
  easy to install
   optional shower hose, hand shower, shower hose elbow


Technical drawing

(click on the image for larger view)

Shower Set BERNSTEIN NT127 - Drawing



Assembly Instructions NT127


Installation video of the shower bar from 03:22 min.

Included in the delivery

  • Shower bar NT127 with adjustable height
  • Assembly material
  • Assembly instructions


Optional accessories:

  • Shower hose
  • Hand shower
  • Hand shower holder and supply


Selectable items:


Shower Hose BS02

Material PVC
Available lengths 1,5 m, 1,8m, 2,0 m
Surface matt black
Range from 0,5 bar to 8 bar, max. 90 °C
  highly flexible
  easy to clean
  easy installation
  DIN connector, 1/2"

Shower Hose BS02


Hand Shower NT236B

Material Solid ABS
Diameter   12 cm
Range from 0,5 bar to 5 bar
Colour Matt black
Weight net 230 g. / gross 250 g.
  3 functions
  anti-scale nozzles
  water economy
  DIN connector, G1/2"
  easy to install

Hand Shower NT236B


Hand Shower HB03B

Material Brass
Surface Matt Black
Dimensions   Ø 2,8 cm, Length 20 cm
Range     from 0,5 bar to 8 bar, max. 90° C
  Anti-scale nozzles
  DIN connector 1/2"

Hand Shower HB03B


Hand Shower HB115B

Material Solid ABS
Diameter 12 cm
Range from 0,5 bar to 5 bar
Colour Matte black

3 functions

adjustable jets with push-button switch:
normal, energetic/invigoranting and soft functions

Anti-scale nozzles   limescale deposits on the surface can be easily removed with a clean cloth
  Water economy
  DIN connector, G1/2"
  easy to install

Hand Shower HB115B


Wall Elbow with Hand Shower BA002

Material brass  / black
Dimensions   3,3 x 2,8 x 6,3 cm (W x H x D)
wall rose 5 x 5cm
Weight 370 g
  DIN-connector, 1/2"
  with hand shower holder
  with check valve
  square design

Wall Elbow with Hand Shower BA002



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Colour: Black
Material: Stainless steel

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Matt Black Shower Bar NT127 - optional shower hose / hand shower /shower hose elbow

Product number: 17489


Content: 1 piece
Selection hand shower
Without hand shower
Selection hand shower
With hand shower HB03B
With hand shower HB115B
With hand shower NT236B
Without hand shower
Selection shower hose
With shower hose BS02
Selection shower hose
Without shower hose
With shower hose BS02
Shower valve connector selection
Without shower valve connector
Shower valve connector selection

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