Product advantages

  • Large XXL shower head for a luxurious shower experience
  • Flat height of 10mm
  • Immediate water stop after switching off
  • Ball joint - easy adjustment in the desired direction
  • Anti-limescale nozzles for easy cleaning


    XXL rain shower ABS shower head 3030TB - 23 x 23 cm

    Very large shower head for a wonderful shower experience!

    The shower head has a height of 10 mm.

    The advantage of a flat shower head is that the water stops immediately after switching off. A shower head of this size with a normal height still has approx. 1 litre of water in the shower head after it is switched off, which of course continues to run off.

    The shower head can be turned in any desired direction using the ball joint.


    Material ABS
    Colour Black colour
    Dimensions 23 x 23 x 1 cm
    Weight 2500 g
    Working range from 0.5 bar to 8 bar, at max. 90 °C
    Anti-limescale nozzles Yes
    Connection DIN connections, 1/2"


    Water flow rate

    Water pressure (bar) Water flow rate (l/min)
    1 approx. 6.5
    2 approx. 8
    3 approx. 8.5
    4 approx. 8.5

      • Rain shower head in black



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