Product information "Geberit duofix basic support frame 112 cm, SPK UP100 + Delta 21 white + acoustic isolation set"

Geberit duofix basic 112 cm - SPK UP100 + delta 21 white +  acoustic isolation set

A built-in support frame that is ideal for installation into a local or partial height wall. For installation height of the local needs of mature installation for ground construction 0 - 20 cm.


Product details

Dimensions  500 x 1120 - 1320 (Adjustable) mm (L x H) 
Colour Blue (framework organic coated in blue)
  Frame knockouts, diameter 9 mm for fixing
  Screw rods for fixing the ceramic M 12 with intermediate distance of 18 or 23 cm 
  Feet support with marked scale in cm, galvanized adjustable height
  Adjustable feet for mounting in UW 50 and UW 75 profile
  Attachment for outlet bend waste
  Front trigger plate
  Reserve for flap box
  Adjustable flush volume
  Power rear/top center
  Pipe connecting to tube to screw by hand
  Trigger plate Delta 21 white


Delivery content

  • 2 M12 screw rods for the fixing of the ceramic
  • Protection of construction with revision gap
  • Styropor
  • Protection caps
  • Square shutoff valve with 1/2 connector
  • PE connecting bend
  • PE bend for wall toilet
  • PE transition piece
  • 2 spacer bolts for trigger plate
  • Monting hardware
  • Delta 21 trigger plate white



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Geberit duofix basic support frame 112 cm, SPK UP100 + Delta 21 white + acoustic isolation set

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