Product information "XXL rain shower stainless steel SUPER FLAT shower head DPG5017 - 70x38cm - ceiling installation"

Extra-thin rainfall ceiling shower DPG5017, rectangle, stainless steel,  70x38 cm - ceiling installation

Rainfall shower heads are designed to combine beauty and practicality. They can comfortably adapt to all the showers.

Normal shower heads - featuring a standard thickness - still contain about 1 liter of liquid even after the water flow has been stopped. Water continues to pour out and leading to unpleasant drippings.

Our elegant extra-thin shower heads, with a tickness of just 2 mm, allow a complete stop of water flow, avoiding drippings.

As always, BERNSTEIN is a guarantee of quality.


Product details

Material high quality stainless steel
Size 70 x 38 x 0,4 cm
Range  from 0,5 bar to 8 bar, max. 90 °C
  2x waterfall shower
  DIN-connector, 1/2"
  with anti-lime nozzles
  extra-thin, complete stop of water flow   
  easy to assemble


Water flow

Water pressure
Water flow
Rain shower (l/min)
Water flow
Waterfall (l/min)
1 ca. 17 ca. 15
2 ca. 25 ca. 22,5
3 ca. 31 ca. 28
4 ca. 32 ca. 32


Items included in the delivery

  • XXL- extra- thin stainless steel shower head DPG5017
  • Installation frame
  • Assembly material
  • Assembly instruction



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Rain shower head: Square rain shower head
Type of installation: ceiling installation

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XXL rain shower stainless steel SUPER FLAT shower head DPG5017 - 70x38cm - ceiling installation

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