Product advantages

  • Extra strong 8 mm ESG safety glass
  • Convenient lifting and lowering mechanism
  • Coated glass surface
    for easy cleaning
  • Flush hinges on the inside
  • Horizontal sealing strip in gutter shape
    prevents dripping onto the floor
  • Door hinge on right or left, depending on chosen variant
  • Can be mounted on shower tray or tiled floor


Shower enclosure corner shower 8 mm nano real glass DX403 - width selectable

Freely combinable swing door with fixed panel incl. lift-and-lower mechanism and fixed side panel in 8 mm thick toughened safety glass (ESG) with nano coating.

The wall stabilisation ensures high stability and durability of the shower enclosure. Thanks to the nano-sealing, water beads up and thus prevents calcification and dirt.

High-quality profiles made of anodised aluminium, combined with hinges between the door and fixed panel that are flush with the surface on the inside, with a lift-and-lower mechanism. This lifts the door slightly when it is opened and ensures optimum door closure. In addition, this function prevents wear and tear on the lower sealing strips.

The combined bar and knob handle made of high-quality stainless steel makes this model easy to operate and clean. Horizontal sealing strip in the shape of a gutter directs the water into the shower area and prevents it from dripping into the room when the door is open.

The shower enclosure is suitable for installation on shower tray, as well as on tiled floor. This model can optionally be mounted barrier-free or with a discreet anti-swing strip for increased tightness.

Depending on your spatial circumstances, you can purchase the shower enclosure for installation with a door stop on the left or right.

Installation Left: Door hinge left
Installation right: Door hinge right

Model DX403
Installation situation Corner installation
Shower shape Corner shower
Door type Swing door
Door hinge selectable Left | Right
Door opening Outwards | Left | Right
Door seal Magnetic lock Yes
Door handle type Knob handle, inside | Bar handle, outside
Door handle material Stainless steel
Dimensions base area (WxL) see table
Door width see table
Width side panel see table
Entrance Front entry
Entrance width see table
Glass property ESG safety glass (DIN EN 12150)
Type of glass Real glass
Nano sealing Yes, sealed
Glass thickness 8 mm
Glass height 193 cm
Profile type Frameless
Profile material Aluminium, anodised
Profile colour Silver colour
Profile surfaceSatinised Satinised
Glass connection Stabilisation rods 360° rotatable
Material hinges Brass | chrome-plated
Hinges flush with inner surface Yes
Lift and lower mechanism With lift/lower function
Installation type With shower tray | Flush with floor | Without shower tray


Dimensions door element selectable
  80 x 195 cm (glass size incl. wall rail approx. 78 x 195 cm)
  90 x 195 cm (glass size incl. wall rail approx. 88 x 195 cm)
100 x 195 cm (glass size incl. wall rail approx. 98 x 195 cm)
120 x 195 cm (glass size incl. wall rail approx. 118 x 195 cm)
fixed glass element
70 x 195 cm (glass size incl. wall rail approx. 68 x 195 cm)
80 x 195 cm (glass size incl. wall rail approx. 78 x 195 cm)
90 x 195 cm (glass size incl. wall rail approx. 88 x 195 cm)
100 x 195 cm (glass size incl. wall rail approx. 98 x 195 cm)

  • Shower enclosure DX403
  • Door handle
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Magnetic door strip, rubber seals
  • Assembly material
  • Assembly instructions
  • Without shower tray



Pallet shipments are delivered curbside. Please consider that the carrier will call you to fix delivery date/time, so kindly remember to indicate your phone number (landline or mobile phone) when placing your order.

For deliveries to islands, additional charges will apply for sea transport. In order to calculate this charge with precision, your postal code (ZIP Code) will be required.

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