Product advantages

  • Contactless soap dispenser with sensor
  • Hygienic and germ-free operation
  • For bathroom, kitchen or cosmetics table
  • With automatic dosage Cleaning function
  • Suitable for disinfectants and washing-up liquid


SP1 sensor soap dispenser with automatic dosage - colour selectable

A sensor soap dispenser with automatic dosage offers a variety of advantages that improve both hygiene and user-friendliness. The touch-free operation of this dispenser significantly reduces the risk of germ transmission. You do not have to touch the dispenser. This helps prevent cross-contamination and increases overall hygiene. The dispenser's automatic dosing system always dispenses exactly the right amount of soap or disinfectant, which not only ensures efficient hand hygiene but also prevents waste. This is not only economical, but also environmentally friendly, as less soap is used, resulting in less packaging waste.

Another advantage is the ease of use. A simple approach of the hands is enough to trigger the sensor. The washing process is accelerated. This is especially convenient for children, the elderly and people with limited mobility. The dispenser can be adapted to individual needs, making them extremely versatile. It is easy to fill from the top. A special nozzle made of soft rubber prevents annoying dripping. The dispenser is not suitable for gels and lotions. The soap dispenser has an automatic cleaning mode and is battery-operated (batteries not included).

Aesthetically pleasing in design, sensor soap dispensers with automatic dispensing help to improve the overall appearance of a room. Overall, these dispensers are an excellent choice for public and private facilities as they combine hygiene, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Material ABS
Colour selectable: White, grey, black
Dimensions 71.7 x 171.5 x 105 mm
Filling quantity 250 ml
Dosage adjustable 1,5 ml / 2,5 ml
Reaction time 0,2 sec
Protection class IPX6
Further details Touch-free function with sensor - hygienic and germ-free
  Soft rubber nozzle without annoying dripping
  Easy to fill from above
  Suitable for detergents and disinfectants
  Not suitable for gels and lotions
  With automat. Cleaning function
  On/off button
  LED control display
  Battery operated - 4x AAA (6V) (not included)
  Waterproof batteries
  CE, RoHS certified
  Without decorative items

  • Soap dispenser SP1 in the chosen colour
  • Without batteries



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For deliveries to islands, additional charges will apply for sea transport . In order to calculate this charge with precision, your postal code (ZIP Code) will be required.

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