Product information "Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub ONDA CORNER - left installation - optional accessories"

Rectangular Bathtub ONDA CORNER in glossy white - left installation - 170 x 78 x 58 cm

The modern bathtub ONDA CORNER with installation on the left and rounded corner on the right can be installed against the wall or in the centre of your bathroom.

The double-walled structure of the bath for a perfect thermal insulation, the high backrest and a confortable reclining position thanks the central drain is the right way to take a relaxing bath.

The bath is delivered without siphon and tap. The desired accessory can be easily added to the order by selecting them from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.


Product details

Material sanitary acrylic
Colour White
Surface glossy
Capacity approx. 220 l
Dimensions 170 x 78 x 58 cm (L x W x H)
Weight Net 60 kg / Gross 77 kg
  With waste and overflow
  Drain with pop-up function
  Comfortable reclining position thanks central drain and high backrest
  Double-walled construction - excellent thermal insulation
  Smooth, non-porous surface
  Easy to clean and hygienic
  Without siphon
  Without decoration articles


Items included in the delivery

  • Freestanding Bathtub ONDA CORNER LEFT
  • Pop-up and overflow



  • Freestanding shower mixer taps
  • Siphon (Odour trap)



Our baths are packaged with special isolating materials and dispatched by pallet to guarantee a safe delivery.


Select your items using the drop-down menus at the top of this page


Freestanding shower mixer taps

8028, 8028B, 1521 oder 1523C

Material Massive and solid brass, chrome-plated
Mixer Tap 8028B matt black
Range from 0,5 bar to 8 bar, max. 90 °C
Dimensions   See below
Weight approx. 5500 g
  Suitable for gas and electric instant water heaters
  Ceramic cartridge replacement
  Hand shower head with Shower hose of 1,50m
  Single lever
  Bathtub / shower diverter
  DIN connection
  Flexibel connecting pipes 1/2, nut fittings and seals
  Easy to assemble

Freestanding shower mixer 8028 Freestanding shower mixer 1521 Freestanding shower mixer 1523C Freestanding shower mixer 8028B


Freestanding shower mixer taps

NT3127, NT3311, NT3311B, NT3311W

Material Massive und solide Messingausführung, edel verchromt;
Mixer tap NT3311 also in matt white or matt black
Range from 0,5 bar to 8 bar, max. 90° C
Dimensions   See below
Weight ca. 8500 g
  Concealed body
  Suitable for gas and electric water heaters
  Replaceable high-quality ceramic cartridge
  Hand shower of ABS and shower hose 1,50 m of stainless steel 
  Single lever
  Diverter for shower and bath function
  DIN connector
  Flexibel connecting pipes 1/2, nut fittings and seals
  Easy to assemble

Freestanding shower mixer NT3127 Freestanding shower mixer NT3311 Freestanding shower mixer NT3311B Freestanding shower mixer NT3311W


Siphon for freestanding bathtub - drain anti-odor system


  1 1/2" for bathtub
  drain pipe Ø 45mm




Pallet shipments are delivered curbside by DHL Freight. Please consider that the carrier will call you to fix delivery date/time, so kindly remember to indicate your phone number (landline or mobile phone) when placing your order.

For deliveries to islands, additional charges will apply for sea transport. In order to calculate this charge with precision, your postal code (ZIP Code) will be required.

Bathtub installation: Installation left
Colour: White
Depth: 58cm
Length: 170cm
Material: Acrylic
Overflow: with Overflow
Pop-up waste: without pop-up waste, with pop-up waste
Position of drain: waste at foot end
Shape: Space-saving bath
Siphon: Incl. siphon, Without siphon
Version: Incl. stand fitting, Without fitting
Width: 58cm

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Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub ONDA CORNER - left installation - optional accessories

Product number: 37248


Content: 1 piece
Bathtub siphon
without siphon
Bathtub siphon
without siphon
with siphon
Glossy white
Glossy white
Freestanding tap
Without stand fitting
Freestanding tap
Including stand fitting 1521
Including stand fitting 8028
Including stand fitting 8028B
Including stand fitting NT3127
Including stand fitting NT3311
Including stand fitting NT3311B
Including stand tap 1523C
Including stand tap NT3311W
Without stand fitting

Ready for shipment within 24h.