Product information "Support frame for hung WC G3004A with trigger plate - selectable model"

Support frame G3004A - plate for front running

Adjustable support frame height, suitable for all common types of hung toilets. Ideal for newly constructed or renovated bathrooms.

For wall mounting in a wall that applies to room height or partial height (for screed height from 0 - 20 cm). To ensure optimal corrosion protection the wall element has a Dacromet coating.

The trigger plate is part of the delivery, when ordering the model requested can be selected.

As always, BERNSTEIN is a guarantee of quality.


Product details

Dimensions 506 x 1144-1344 (adjustable) x 170-200 (adjustable) mm (LxHxP)
Mounting height adjustable: 1144-1344mm
Mounting depth adjustable: 170-200mm
  auto-supporting frame
  adjustable feet
  for dry installation
  flush tank condensation and acoustic isolation, front operation
  with trigger plate, model and colour selectable
  dual flush water flow
  small adjustable rinse key 3-5 l.
  large adjustable rinse key 4,5-7 l.
  square stop valve made of brass
  easy trigger plate set up
  with sound proof WC
  Water behind/above the center
  with wall mounting kit for steady installation of wall elements


Technical drawing

(click image for a larger view)

Support frame for hung WC G3004A - Schéma


Delivery content

  • Support frame for WC G3004A
  • Fixation kit
  • Trigger plate - selectable model and colour


Trigger plate - model selectable in variant articles

Trigger plate 4111

Colour matt black, matt white or satin
Material ABS
Dimensions 245 x 165 mm

Trigger plate 4111


Trigger plate 4112

Colour matte white
Material ABS
Dimensions 245 x 165 mm

Trigger plate 4112


Trigger plate in glass

Colour white or black
Material glass
Dimensions 245 x 165 mm

Trigger plate in glass



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Trigger plate: Model 009 black glass, Model 010 white glass, Model 4111 black, Model 4111 satin, Model 4111 white, Model 4112 black, Model 4112 satin, Model 4112 white

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Question : Guten Tag, ich hätte gern gewusst, was der Unterschied zwischen dem WC-Vorwandelement G3008 und G3004 ist?
From : customer

Guten Tag, vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.
Bei dem G3008 handelt es sich um unser Raumsparmodell. Es weist eine geringere Einbautiefe auf und ist auch in puncto Fußbreite die Sparvariante bei gleichzeitig optimaler Stabilität.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Support frame for hung WC G3004A with trigger plate - selectable model

Product number: 5938


Content: 1 piece
Trigger plate
Model 4112 white
Trigger plate
Model 009 black glass
Model 010 white glass
Model 4111 black
Model 4111 satin
Model 4111 white
Model 4112 white

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