Product information "Support frame G3005 with satin flush plate"

Support frame G3005 with satin trigger plate

Support frame with adjustable height for wall mounted WC. This model is ieal for new or fully renovated bathrooms.

The support frame G3005 for surfae mounting with a reduced height of 82 cm is also useful for sub-window designs. To ensure optimal corrosion protection the wall element has a Dacromet coating.

The trigger plate is included in the delivery.


Product details

Dimensions  500 x 820 - 1020 (Adjustable) x 165-210 (Adjustable) mm (L x H x P) 
Mounting height Adjustable: 820 - 1020 mm
Mounting depth  Adjustable: 165 - 210 mm
  Freestanding building framework
  Adjustable feet height
  For dry coating
  Pre-assembled with connection pipes and pre-mounted drain bend, trigger from above
  Built-in ABS satin control plate, dimensions: 210 x 140 mm
  Dual flush button
  Adjustable small flush:  3,5 Litres
  Adjustable large flush: 4,5 - 7 Litres
  Square shutoff-valve in brass
  Simple installation of the flush plate
  Sound isolating set included
  Wall mounting kit for mounting the support frame



Delivery content

  • Support frame G3005
  • Kit for wall mounting
  • Satin trigger plate



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Support frame G3005 with satin flush plate

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