Valiryo® Body Dryer - Full Automated Body Drying, available in matt white & matt black

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Matt black
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Product information "Valiryo® Body Dryer - Full Automated Body Drying, available in matt white & matt black"

Valiryo® Body Dryer - Wellness and lifestyle at home

The Valiryo® body dryer is a fully automaded body drying device, a revolutionary wellbeing experience after showering, something you have never experienced before. Contact-free full body drying is healthy and hygienic, and is also eco-friendly..


Effortless drying & increased safety in case of limited mobility

Immediately after showering, 27 powerful diffusers and 16 different combinations of air temperature and intensity will dry you off in only approx. 3 minutes . The contact- and friction-free drying allows moisture to be retained within the skin. Your skin will feel soft and and hydrated..
For people with skin problems or limited mobility, tiring and painful drying with towels is now a memory of the past. The room air is drawn in and heated to around 32 °C and emitted by the Valiryo Body Dryer. The risk if slipping is  reduced and a motion sensor allows fully autonomous use.
The Body Dryer is completely waterproof and should be installed in the shower cabin where possible. It is also possible to install it directly in front of the shower. Please have the installation carried out by a professional technician..


Eco-friendly and sustainable - for private & public use

The use of towels is significantly reduced thanks to this body dryer, this will help the environment and your wallet too.
Especially in  hotels, spas, fitness studios and care homes you will be able to offer your customers a unique and sustainable device which can reduce the use of towels by 70 - 80%. Annoying continued sweating after sports and showering are also efficiently prevented by the body dryer.


Fully automated technology which makes the difference

This full-body dryer has a unique patented technnology. The expected product life is 15,000 hours or 200,000 use cycles. The electric motor is powerful and efficient. The panel has a scratch-resistant and low-maintenance surface. Operation is effortless via the softkeys. The silver-ion technology ensures anti-bacterial use.
The Body Dryer is maintenance-free, no filters or any other parts need to be replaced. An optional self-adhesive plate is available for alternative installation. More information is available in the product videos, displayed in this offer.


Product details

Technical details:
Dimensions 218 x 29.5 x 2.8 x cm
Weight 9.8 kg net / 12 kg gross
Colour options: matt white, matt black
Material ABS + PMMA: robust & scratch-resistant surface
Operating voltage 220-240 V | 50-60 Hz
Current 12 A
Power consumption max. 2800 W;
3 min on highest air intensity & temperature: 0.143 kWh
Ambient air temperature increase up to + 32 °C above the ambient temperature
Variation of temperature/air intensity
between upper and lower diffuser
< 2 %
Drying time 3 min.
Protection class IP65
Application temperature 10-40 °C
Anti-bacterial treatment Silver-ions
Motor speed 5000 rev/min.
Air speed up to 100 km/h
Number of diffusers 27
Long connection cable approx. 2.70 m
Installation Wall mounting
Certification CE
Manufacturer warranty 2 years from date of purchase
Additional details With motion sensor
  Simple cleaning with window chammy and mild soap
  Decorative items not included


Download - instructions are available for download in German

Assembly Instructions download Body Dryer assembly and operating instructions

Download tips Body Dryer handy tips

Download installation aid Body Dryer self-adhesive installation aid


Valiryo® Body Dryer - The new way of drying your body


Valiryo® Body Dryer - Use video


Valiryo® Body Dryer - Installation video


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  • 1 x Body Dryer in selected colour
  • Assembly material
  • Assembly and operating instructions
  • Installation template



  • Self-adhesive wall bracket for alternative mounting


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Self-adhesive installation aid

Material  ABS
Available Colours : matt black, matt white
  Assembly material

Self-adhesive installation aid


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Colour: Black, White

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