Product advantages

Modern design and sophisticated quality

  • Elegant hinged door with fixed panel
  • With side panel
  • Fitted with door hinge on the right
  • Lift-and-lower mechanism prevents doors from dragging
  • ESG safety glass 8mm according to DIN-EN 12150
  • Various widths available

Easy cleaning and simple assembly

  • Nano-coating makes water run off
  • Flush hinges reduce limescale and dirt deposits.
  • Concealed screw connections
  • Wall profiles allow compensation for wall unevenness
  • Floor-level installation or with shower tray
  • CE certified


Corner shower NT403 - 8 mm nano real glass - door hinge right

The NT403 is ideally suited for space-saving corner installation. It consists of an elegant revolving door with fixed panel and a side panel. Thanks to the stabilisation bars, the shower panels find a solid and secure hold. The lift-and-lower mechanism conveniently raises the shower door slightly when opening and closing. This makes it easier to open the door and ensures increased tightness when it is closed. In addition, the seals are prevented from grinding over the swing protection, which ensures greater durability.

The ESG safety glass has a nano-coating so that water rolls off. Together with the brass hinges mounted flush on the inside, this prevents unsightly dirt and limescale deposits and the shower walls can be cleaned quickly and easily. The wall profiles allow a wall compensation of 20 mm in case of wall unevenness.

The shower is suitable for both floor-level installation and installation with a shower tray. You can find matching shower channels and shower trays in our BERNSTEIN bathroom shop. Various widths can be selected via the article variant.

Please note that for floor-level installation, the specified dimensions of the shower enclosure refer to the installation dimensions of the shower tray! Our shower enclosures are therefore manufactured smaller by the corresponding recess dimension.

Door type Hinged door on fixed panel with side panel - door hinge right
Profile Aluminium, partially framed - Chrome colour
Glass type Clear glass
Glass thickness 8 mm ESG safety glass (to DIN-EN 12150) with nano-coating
Height 195 cm
Nano-coating Water and soap residues roll off - limescale hardly adheres
Raising/lowering mechanism Simplified opening of the door - door does not drag on the floor;
Tight closing when door is closed
Further details Wall profiles with 20 mm adjustment range for uneven walls
  Door stop on the right
  Tight closing of the door by magnetic lock
  Inside flush hinges made of high-quality brass
  Concealed screw connections
  Can be installed with shower tray or flush with the floor
  CE tested
  Incl. installation material and installation instructions
  Without shower tray


Details sizes

Wide door   Adjustable width door   Width door glass   Width fixed glass   Width side panel   Adjustable side panel width
80 cm   78 - 80 cm   53 cm   19.1 cm   70 cm   68 - 70 cm
90 cm   88 - 90 cm   58 cm   24.1 cm   80 cm   78 - 80 cm
100 cm   98 - 100 cm   58 cm   34.1 cm   90 cm   88 - 90 cm
120 cm   118 - 120 cm   58 cm   54.1 cm   100 cm   98 - 100 cm


Shipping weight and packaging

Door element   Shipping weight   Packing
80 cm   33 kg   200 x 57 x 63 cm
90 cm   38 kg   200 x 62 x 63 cm
100 cm   42 kg   200 x 62 x 63 cm
120 cm   51 kg   200 x 62 x 70 cm


Side panel   Shipping weight   Packing
70 cm   31 kg   200 x 69,5 x 4 cm
80 cm   32 kg   200 x 79.5 x 4 cm
90 cm   37 kg   200 x 89,5 x 4 cm
100 cm   43 kg   200 x 99,5 x 4 cm



  • Can be installed with shower tray or at ground level
  • Very simple installation, also possible without special knowledge
  • However, we recommend that you have the installation carried out by a specialist.



  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Thanks to the nano-coating, water rolls off, dirt has no chance
  • Large surfaces for easy cleaning

  • Corner shower NT403 door hinge right in selected version
  • Wall profiles
  • Stabilisation bars
  • Assembly material
  • Assembly instructions
  • Without shower tray



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