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Product information "Soft-Close Sliding Door Shower and Side Panel DX906 FLEX - Matt Black profiles - 8 mm - selectable dimensions"

Soft Close Sliding Door Shower and Side Panel DX906 FLEX

Space-saving sliding door shower enclosure with soft-close technology !

A sliding shower door is the ideal choice for small bathrooms. This enclosure is made of 8 mm tempered glass and is provided with NANO coating, ensuring an easy cleaning and maintenance and keeping your shower beautiful over time. The sliding door with soft-close technology close gently and quietly and can be mounted left or right according to the available installation room.

The shower tray is not included in the delivery. This elegant shower enclosure with matt black profiles can be perfectly combined with our shower drains, the best match in case you wished to opt for a floor-level installation. Discover in our online shop a wide selection of products for the installation of your new shower.

As always, BERNSTEIN is a guarantee of quality.


Features and specifications

Door type Sliding door with soft-close technology and fixed panel
Side panel with side panel
Wall profiles and sliding system   Aluminium, partial frame
Profiles colour Matt black
Glass type Transparent
Glass thickness Tempered safety glass - 8mm-NANO coating (DIN-EN12150)
Height 195 cm
Width selectable: 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 150 cm, 160 cm, 170 cm
(for more details see above)
Installation Reversible for right or left installation
Nano technology Protects the glass surface from dirt accumulation
  Stainless steel door handle
  Aluminium wall profile adjustment range of 25 mm to fit wall enevenness
  CE certifed
  suitable for floor-level or tray installation
  assembly material and instructions
  without shower tray


Details sliding door element

Sliding door width   Adjustable width from - to   Entry width   Shipping weight   Packaging
100 cm   97,5 - 100 cm   ca. 43 cm   47,5 kg   203 x 59 x 6,5 cm
110 cm   107,5 - 110 cm   ca. 48 cm   51,5 kg   203 x 64 x 6,5 cm
120 cm   117,5 - 120 cm   ca. 53 cm   56 kg   203 x 69 x 6,5 cm
140 cm   137,5 - 140 cm   ca. 63 cm   62,5 kg   203 x 79 x 6,5 cm
150 cm   147,5 - 150 cm   ca. 68 cm   67 kg   203 x 84 x 6,5 cm
160 cm   157,5 - 160 cm   ca. 73 cm   71,5 kg   203 x 89 x 6,5 cm
170 cm   167,5 - 170 cm   ca. 78 cm   76 kg   203 x 94 x 6,5 cm


Details side panel

Side panel width   Adjustable width from - to   Shipping weight   Packaging
70 cm   68 - 69 cm   32 kg   203 x 75 x 4,5 cm
80 cm   78 - 79 cm   34 kg   203 x 85 x 4,5 cm
90 cm   88 - 89 cm   37,5 kg   203 x 95 x 4,5 cm
100 cm   98 - 99 cm   41,5 kg   203 x 105 x 4,5 cm



  • For left or right hand openings
  • Installation on the left : door opens to the left
  • Installation right: door opens to the right
  • In case of floor-level installation, the shower enclosure is mounted directly on the tiled floor without shower tray. Please note that the actual dimensions of the shower enclosure are slightly smaller than the selected dimension.
  • Suitable for floor-level or tray installation
  • Easy installation. Though no particular skills are required to install this enclosure, we would recommend you to have an expert assemble your item.



  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Thanks to the NANO coat, water and dirt smoothly flow off the glass in small drops
  • Ample surface to allow easy cleaning



Assembly Instructions DX906FLEX - Sliding Door and Side Panel


Items included in the delivery

  • Corner shower enclosure DX906 FLEX
  • Door handle
  • Sliding door and side panel
  • Matt black profiles
  • Rubber seals
  • Assembly material
  • Assembly instructions
  • Without shower tray



Pallet shipments are delivered curbside. Please consider that the carrier will call you to fix delivery date/time, so kindly remember to indicate your phone number (landline or mobile phone) when placing your order.

For deliveries to islands, additional charges will apply for sea transport. In order to calculat this charge with precision, your postal code (ZIP Code) will be required.

Concealed of the screw connections: yes
Enclosure height: 195cm
Glass thickness: 8 mm
Glass type: Clear glass
Hinges: Flexible
Material: ESG safety glass
Nano coating: with Nano coating
Product line: DX906
Profile colour: matt black
Profile material: aluminium
Profile type: partial frame
Shower Entrance: side entrance
Shower enclosure dimensions: 70x100cm, 70x110cm, 70x120cm, 70x130cm, 70x140cm, 70x160cm, 80x110cm, 80x130cm, 80x140cm, 80x160cm, 90x110cm, 90x130cm, 90x140cm, 90x160cm, 100x80cm, 100x90cm, 100x100cm, 100x110cm, 100x120cm, 100x130cm, 100x140cm, 100x150cm, 100x160cm, 120x80cm, 120x90cm, 150x70cm, 150x80cm, 150x90cm, 170x70cm, 170x80cm, 170x90cm, 170x100cm
Shower installation: floor-even, on shower tray
Type of shower doors: Sliding shower door
Version: Corner Shower

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Soft-Close Sliding Door Shower and Side Panel DX906 FLEX - Matt Black profiles - 8 mm - selectable dimensions

Product number: 26695


Content: 1 piece
Side panel width
Side panel width
Sliding door width
Sliding door width

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