Screen, shower door for recess shower EX218 made from genuine NANO glass - selectable width

Product number: 5341


Content: 1 piece

Ready for shipment within 24h.

Product information "Screen, shower door for recess shower EX218 made from genuine NANO glass - selectable width"

Double swing shower door made from genuine Nano glass EX218

The 195 cm height of the shower makes showering comfortable and convenient, even for taller people.

The double swing shower door is made from 6mm single-pane safety glass ESG, coated with Nano. The self-cleaning "lotus effect" makes it easy to clean and maintain the panels.

As shown in the drawing below, the doors are both inward and outward opening.
The door profile is fitted with a watertight magnetic door opening so that hermetical sealing of the door is ensured.

The floor frame is ideally suited for a watertight flush to floor mounted installation.

Our shower panels are wrapped in sturdy packaging and shipped on a pallet to ensure safe delivery.

As usual, the name BERNSTEIN stands for top quality. 


Features and specifications

Type of glass transparent
  safety glass NANO coating, 6 mm thick
  aluminium profile
  aluminium floor frame
  swing shower door with reversible opening
  magnetic door strip, chrome-plated handle
  aluminium handle
  CE, RoHS conform
  comes with assembly material



Dimensions (selectable dimensions)

Width adjustable width from - to packaged weight packaging
76 x 195 cm (L x H) 76-80 cm 26 kg 9.5 x 47 x 205 cm
80 x 195 cm (L x H) 80-84 cm 27,5 kg 9.5 x 50 x 205 cm
84 x 195cm  (L x H) 84-88 cm 29 kg 9.5 x 52 x 205 cm
88 x 195 cm  (L x H) 88-92 cm 31,5 kg 9.5 x 54 x 205 cm
92 x 195 cm  (L x H) 92-96 cm 33 kg 9.5 x 56 x 205 cm
96 x 195 cm  (L x H) 96-100 cm 34,5 kg 9.5 x 60 x 205 cm
100 x 195 cm (L x H) 100-104 cm 36 kg 9.5 x 62 x 205 cm
104 x 195cm  (L x H) 104-108 cm 37,5 kg 9.5 x 64 x 205 cm
108 x 195cm  (L x H) 108-112 cm 39 kg 9.5 x 66 x 205 cm
112 x 195cm  (L x H) 112-116 cm 38 kg 9.5 x 68 x 205 cm
116 x 195cm  (L x H) 116-120 cm 40.5 kg 9.5 x 70 x 205 cm



Technical drawing

(Click image for larger view)


EX218 - Drawing



  • Flush-floor mounting or mounting on shower tray
  • Easy to install. No special technical knowledge required. However, we recommend having the installation carried out by a professional.



  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Thanks to its NANO coat, water runs off the surface and dirt is repelled.
  • Large surface for easy cleaning


Items included in the delivery

  • shower door with 2 swing panels
  • door handle
  • floor frame made from aluminium
  • aluminium profile
  • magnetic door strip - rubber lip seals
  • assembly material
  • assembly instructions
  • without shower tray



Pallet shipments are delivered curbside by DHL Freight.  Please consider that the carrier will call you to fix delivery date/time, so kindly remember to indicate your phone number (landline or mobile phone) when placing your order.

For deliveries to islands, additional charges will apply for sea transport. In order to calculate this charge with precision, your postal code (ZIP Code) will be required.

Concealed of the screw connections: yes
Enclosure height: 195cm
Glass thickness: 6 mm
Handle type: round
Material: ESG safety glass, aluminum
Nano coating: with Nano coating
Product line: EX218
Profile colour: chrome
Profile material: aluminium
Profile type: framed
Shower installation: on shower tray
Special features: Magnetic door seal
Type of shower doors: Hinged shower door
Version: Shower Niche/Shower Door
Width: 76cm, 80cm, 84-88cm, 92-96cm, 100cm, 104-108cm, 112-116cm

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Schwenktüren lassen sich nach innen und außen öffnen.
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Question : Ist die Duschabttennung, Art 5341, für die Montage auf Duschwannen geeignet?
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All unsere Duschkabinen/-abtrennungen lassen sich sowohl auf einer Duschtasse, als auch auf Fliesen (bodeneben) montieren.
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Question : Haben die Türen einen Hebe - Senkmechanismus??
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