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Sanitary acrylic

In the manufacturing of our acrylic bathtubs, acrylic sheets are heated and then moulded. 

The resulting shape is then reinforced with fibreglass and synthetic resin, and the bottom is stabilised with wood.

The quality and thickness of the material make the difference between cheap and expensive models. The cheap versions have a 3 mm thick acrylic layer, while the more expensive models have a 4 to 6 mm layer. We check the quality of the acrylic sheets and only use high quality acrylic with a thickness of 4 mm for the production of our items.

The surface of our baths is smooth, non-porous, extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Due to its inner properties, acrylic adapts quickly to room temperature and is pleasantly warm. The product is robust and impact resistant, but can be subject to scratching. The relatively low weight allows for installation even though, of course, the statics or load-bearing capacity of the floor need also to be taken into account.

Mineral casting

Our mineral casting bathtubs, also known as solid surface, are made of high quality acrylic resin (also known as PMMA) and aluminium hydroxide (ATH). Their non-porous, smooth, extremely hygienic surface is easy to clean.

This form of mineral casting (also known as Pure Acrylic) has been tested to ensure heat resistance up to 180° and is also "Term-Shock Resistant" to large temperature changes.

Mineral casting is called solid stone when the mixture of MMA and calcium oxide is covered with a gel coat. The coating is visually indistinguishable from simple pure acrylic. We use only the highest quality gel coatings in our production to ensure long-term colour stability.

The gel coat coating is particularly important for coloured bathtubs or basins. Pure acrylic and solid stone products can be produced in matt or glossy finish. The glossy surface is achieved through intensive polishing, an extra processing which also explains the higher price.

Other bath accessories

The real eye-catcher of every bathroom

Are you dreaming of a stunning and elegant bath that will turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa? In our online shop, your dreams will become reality! Browse through our vast bath catalogue and select the model that better reflects your style: classic, modern or retro.

Our monoblock baths are made of acrylic and fiberglass. Every model is provided with a reinforced bottom.

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